Preserved Eucalyptus

Preserved Eucalyptus Price List

Preserved Eucalyptus branches and leaves are the most beautiful plants used by florist. Preserved Eucalyptus is sturdy and slightly flexible. Used in many dried and fresh floral arrangements, eucalyptus adds a touch of greenery or color to any floral project. Many crafters use the branches and leaves of the eucalyptus in their projects because of the sturdy and resilient quality of the branches. The eucalyptus stalks can easily be attached to craft projects, holiday wreaths, or dried floral arrangements. Our preserved eucalyptus come in 12 different colors and is sold in 4 oz., 8 oz. and 1 lb. bunches at wholesale prices. All colors come in washed or frosted. Colors: Frosted Tan, Frosted Green, Frosted Red, Frosted Blue, Dark Green, Tan, Chartreuse, Orange, Olive Green, Crimson, Plum, Blue. All are high quality preserved eucalyptus.

4 oz bunches (20 per case)

  • 1-3 Cases: $4.40/bunch
    4-10 Cases: $3.70/bunch
    11+ Cases: $3.15/bunch
    Pallet/30cases: $2.95/bunch

8 oz bunches (16 per case)

  • 1-3 Cases: $6.90/bunch
    4-10 Cases: $5.75/bunch
    11+ Cases: $4.95/bunch
    Pallet/30 cases: $4.60/bunch

16 oz bunches (10 per case)

  • 1-3 Cases: $11.25/bunch
    4-10 Cases: $9.25/bunch
    11+ Cases: $7.95/bunch
    Pallet/30 cases: $7.45/bunch


1. Frosted Tan Preserved Eucalyptus
2. Frosted Green Preserved Eucalyptus
3. Frosted Red Preserved Eucalyptus
4. Frosted Blue Preserved Eucalyptus
5. Dark Green Preserved Eucalyptus
6. Tan Preserved Eucalyptus
7. Chartreuse Preserved Eucalyptus
8. Orange Preserved Eucalyptus
9. Olive Green Preserved Eucalyptus
10. Crimson Preserved Eucalyptus
11. Plum Preserved Eucalyptus
12. Blue Preserved Eucalyptus

The Preserved Eucalyptus comes in the above colors in both frosted (more natural color) and washed (more intense color). They can be purchased by calling Bruce at the flower farm (1-800-STATICE). This flower is harvested and then preserved and packaged for our clients. You can request an assortment of different packaging sizes and weights.