Mini Gyp – Baby’s Breath – Air Dried

Mini Gyp – Baby’s Breath – Air Dried

Mini gyp is more commonly known as baby’s breath. A herbaceous perennial native to central and eastern Europe, it prefers well-drained alkaline to neutral soil in full sun. Its stems are covered with tiny white flowers in summer, giving it the name of baby’s breath. The fullness of the plant makes it a popular backdrop and filler in floral arrangements. It is often simply referred to as “gyp” in the floral industry.

4 oz bunches (10 per case)

  • 1-3 Cases: $5.00/bunch
    4-10 Cases: $4.50/bunch
    11+ Cases: $3.75/bunch
    Pallet/30cases: $3.00/bunch

Pallet Price

  • 1 pallet = 30 cases
    4oz bunches / 10 bu per case
    $3.00/bu or $30/case

The Natural Mini Gyp is grown in California and comes in the natural color. Colors seen above and can be purchased by calling Bruce at the flower farm (1-800-STATICE). This flower is harvested and then preserved and packaged for our clients. You can request an assortment of different packaging sizes and weights.