Dried Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila Paniculata)

Dried Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila Paniculata)

Gypsophila paniculata is more commonly known as baby’s breath or in the floral industry as Mini Gyp. A herbaceous perennial native to central and eastern Europe, it prefers well-drained alkaline to neutral soil in full sun. Its stems are covered with tiny white flowers in summer, giving it the name of baby’s breath. The fullness of the plant makes it a popular backdrop and filler in floral arrangements. It is often simply referred to as “gyp” in the floral industry.

1/4 lb. bunches (12 per case)

  • 1 - 29 Cases: $4.00/bunch = $48.00/case

30 cases = Single Pallet

  • 30 Cases = Single Pallet @ $1,400/pallet

dried baby's breath antique white
dried baby's breath multi colored
dried baby's breath multi colored2

What is the difference between dried baby’s breath and fresh?

Dried baby’s breath lasts much longer than fresh baby’s breath. Fresh baby’s breath has a more vibrant appearance than dried, but dried baby’s breath will last almost indefinitely depending on the handling and environmental conditions.

Can I buy dried baby’s breath flowers in bulk?

Dried baby’s breath can be purchased in bulk for the convenience of floral arrangers. As it lasts a very long time it makes sense to purchase a large amount to have available when needed.

Do wholesalers get a discount on dried baby’s breath flowers?

If you are a wholesaler wanting a discount on dried baby’s breath, please give Bruce a call at the farm at 1-800-STATICE (1-800-782-8423).

Where can I buy smaller quantities of dried baby’s breath?

We sell our dried baby’s breath in ¼ lb. bunches. These bunches can be purchased separately or in a case of 12. See our price list above for details.

Is dried baby’s breath the same as dried Mini Gyp?

Dried baby’s breath is the same as dried Mini Gyp. Mini Gyp, or simply “gyp”, is the name used in the floral industry for Gypsophila paniculata, the scientific name for baby’s breath.

Are dried baby’s breath flowers good for bouquets, arrangements and wedding decorations?

While fresh or preserved baby’s breath are more commonly used in bouquets, arrangements, and wedding decorations, dried baby’s breath is used as well especially when a vintage look is desired. Dried baby’s breath combined with other dried flowers make an arrangement that will last for a long time.

Is it cheaper to buy dried baby’s breath flowers in bulk?

We offer a discount for buying bulk amounts of dried baby’s breath. Refer to our pricing schedule above for details or call Bruce at the farm at 1-800-STATICE (1-800-782-8423) to discuss larger amounts.

What can you do with dried baby’s breath flowers?

Dried baby’s breath can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition to being used with other dried flowers in long lasting arrangements, it can be used to add a vintage look to home decor, centerpieces, and wedding bouquets.

How long do dried baby’s breath flowers last?

Dried baby’s breath can last for many years. It will not last as long in humid conditions as in drier environments. It is more fragile than fresh baby’s breath and will not stand up if it is handled often.

What colors does dried baby’s breath come in?

We do not dye our dried baby’s breath as we do our preserved baby’s breath. During the drying process the baby’s breath loses the green in the stems and the white of the flowers and both turn a tan color which is desired in the types of arrangements it is used for.

The Natural Mini Gyp is grown in California and comes in the natural color and colored seen above and can be purchased by calling Bruce at the flower farm (1-800-STATICE). This flower is harvested and then dried and packaged for our clients. You can request an assortment of different packaging sizes and weights.

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